Check out how this Great Gatsby Costume Was Made!

Great Gatsby Garden Party

Abigail Adams

Upcycle Pioneer Girl Costume

Check out how this Statue of Liberty Costume Was Made!

Upcycle Michael Angelo, Statue of Liberty, Zachary Taylor

Spanish Soldier--California

Upcycle American Colonial Boy Costume

Walk Through

American Revolution

UpCycle Laura Ingalls Wilder Costume

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Girl Pioneer

Upcycle Annie Oakely Costume

Annie Oakely

Upcycle Pioneer Mother and DaughterCostume from thrifted materials

Pioneer mom & daughter

Michael Angelo, Statue of Liberty, Zachary Taylor

Upcycle Ben Franklin Costume

Ben Franklin

Upcycle Pioneer Costumes for brother and sister from thrifted materials

Pioneer Brother & Sister

Racks of Upcycle Costumes To Deliver

Costumes Ready for Me To Deliver!

Eva Winger Owner Costume Take-Out

Me, Eva Winger, Working In My Studio!

Upcycle Eyptian Pharoah Costume

Egyptian Pharoah

Upcycle American Colonial Girls Costumes

Walk Thru The Revolution--Colonial Girls

Upcycle Pioneer Girls Costume

Bernhard Museum

Upcycle California Mission Costumes for brother and sister from thrifted materials
Upcycle American Colonial Sister and Brother Costumes

Brother & Sister

1st Year California Living History

2nd Year American Revolution

Upcycle Betsy Ross Costume from thrifted materials

Betsy Ross

Upcycle Ancient Greeks Mother & Son Costumes
Upcycled Girl's Pioneer Dress
new pio dress.jpg

Pioneer Girl at Bernhard

Mom/Teacher and Son

Check out how this Pioneer Costume Was Made!

DIY Wilbur Wright Costume Wax Museum

Wilbur Wright (The Wright Brothers)

Wax Museum

Check out how this Wilbur Wright Costume Was Made!

isabella of France, Good Queen Maude.jpe

Queen Isabella of France/Good Queen Maude

(7th Grade Medieval Studies)

DIY Pioneer Girl Costume

Pioneer Girl--Bernhard Museum